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Size Guide

How to measure your size:

First measure your waist in inches with measuring tape for a better selection. When in doubt, rely on your upper body length size for better comfort.

If your measurements are in between sizes, pick a bigger size. If your size is a lower measurement on our size range, pick the exact size. Example, if your waist size is 33.5'', then you can pick size S, but if your waist size is 35'', then you can pick size M.

After picking a size, check if the length of the Shapearmor will accommodate your upper body length. If the length is smaller, pick the next higher size.

Alternatively, you can use the shirt size you usually wear to determine your size. If you wear a size M shirt, then pick size L.

Remember, we are all different and sometimes the correct size might not be perfect for you, just Contact Us for an exchange.