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About US

We are a company dedicated to building men from the psychology to their physical. The confidence to wake up every single day and go to the gym needs endurance and consistency, and sometimes, results come after a longer period of time.

At Shapearmor, we provide a men shape wear to help build your confidence and power up your self esteem. 

Of course, quick fixes are not the permanent solution... but they can make the difference between being insecure, unconfident and demotivated while you work hard on getting back in shape or being motivated, confident and able to live your life ‘normally’ while waiting for results from your cutting edge weight-loss program.

We know it’s hard to follow a workout routine or a diet if you wake up every morning and don’t like what you see in the mirror. We know how painful it is not being able to wear tight clothes because of that big tummy or those man boobs. Or how embarrassed you feel when you hit the gym being so out of shape.